Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Regulation of dangerous equipment

Warner Crocker has some interesting things to say:
"Today all of the research is being made public (you can see them on the NYTimes site.) I’m sure it will provoke cries for more stringent laws. I say save us all the aggravation and the expense and just enforce the laws we already have, even if it upsets Congress or whomever."
Warner is no doubt correct about the outcry for more laws. People in general are very concerned about other people having dangerous items.

What's curious about the quote above is that it could easily be applied to gun control laws. That's not what the story is about at all:
Quite honestly, I don’t think there need to be new laws put on the books about using cell phones, and texting while driving. There are already laws on the books about reckless driving and to my mind anyone who is texting while driving is already guilty enough. The same holds true, in my opinion, for those who don’t use a hands free solution while talking on the phone and driving. If we need to spend money to determine if using hand held devices while driving is a potential danger, then I think we need to look more at the deficiencies caused by having our heads stuck in places where they don’t belong.

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