Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Offensive Comication

I’m not gay, and this offended me.

Gay superhero wears spandex: it's not exactly television and movies, but it is comic book-ish at least, right?

A brand new comic book is launching called Spandex that will make Superman want to find his own changing room.

The book will feature an entirely gay superhero team including a transvestite named Liberty, a lesbian Wonder Woman named Diva, a male dazzler named Glitter, and more.

Maybe we should stop there? Nah, here is everyone: Prowler absorbs the abilities of gay people, Indigo is a beautiful French teleporter, and two strong twins called Mr. Muscles & Butch.

And this isn't me saying this ... this is the press release: "Every issue you can see the team beating off such enemies as Muscle Mary, Pussy and the Pink Ninjas."

Hey, I didn't say it!

The first bad-guy, however, is not even a guy. It will be the 50-Foot Lesbian. I'm really not making this up.

"Gay people in comics are fairly under-represented, but this new comic aims to address that," said Martin Eden, the comics creator, who failed to add why this has to sound like the most stereotypical gay project since ... well, ever.

"'Spandex' introduces a whole bunch of fabulous new characters who are set to take the comic world by storm. It's a fun, experimental comic, full of drama, comedy, romance and action ... all done in the best possible taste."

Seems like a juvenile attempt to offend everyone in sight while hiding behind a shield of “diversity”, “tolerance” and “artful experimentation.”

Call me when it gets a Pulitzer.

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