Monday, September 14, 2009


I've long held that the biggest mistake one can make in any sort of council situation is to disengage out of protest. Walking out of the meeting means that you no longer have any say or any knowledge of what happens afterwards.

In contrast to that, when you no longer have any say perhaps it's best to move along. I've been told that when I respond to other people's political statements that I'm "getting started" and it's been made very clear that my opinion on a number of things is neither respected nor desired.

So what's the point in sticking around listening to people whine and cry about things in an echo chamber when they have the firm conviction that anyone who doesn't agree with them is a nut, racist, or fool?

So I did an odd thing today: I removed people from my friends list on Facebook. Most of their posts are political in nature and since I can't respond meaningfully, there's no point in continuing to deal with it.

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