Friday, September 11, 2009

Today is gonna be rough

I'm sometimes shocked at the things my friends will say.

The challenge for me is to not react too strongly to things I find repugnant. Choosing today to harp on the loss of liberties (etc. etc., ad nauseum) strikes me as poor taste, and continuing the metaphor I find it hard to swallow.

Lately I've been serious consideration to how much I want friends over how much I want to stand up for myself. I suppose that makes me something of a cranky old man.

The problem is that I don't have nearly enough confidence in my own views. I'm always willing to accept the possibilty that I'm wrong, so I lose arguments to people who have no such handicap and in fact have a considerable lack of both perspective and introspection.

That's what's been weighing on me the most lately. It seems that I'm constantly on the defensive because I'm not aggressive enough, and it seems that pretty much nobody has my back.

What would Howard Roark do?

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