Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I truly don’t understand why so many people seem to think Microsoft needs to play catchup to the iPad.

If Microsoft + partners don’t respond, I do see the next version of the iPad making tremendous headway, especially in vertical markets. The current iPad isn’t compelling at this point due to not having a camera, but I suspect version 2 will have it. Cameras are huge in the vertical space, consumers love them too for video chatting. Multi-tasking is a HUGE miss for Apple and one that Microsoft can capitalize on. Apple left some big holes that Microsoft could take advantage of if they act quickly. They have awesome solutions, but shoving Windows 7 down consumers throat won’t win it. Apple iPad has no camera, no multi-tasking, no handwriting reco. Tie it all together in a drop dead simple UI solution and Microsoft, et al might just come out the winner here.

This is ridiculous.  All of the holes that the iPad exhibits are currently plugged by Windows based solutions.

Not only does the iPad lack a camera of any sort, or multitasking, it also lacks voice recognition, pinpoint control with a stylus, or expandability.

They like to talk about use by artists, but unless your artist wants to do fingerpainting, it may not be his thing.

We haven’t even seen stats on this A4 chip, but if I had to guess I’d say it pretty much sucks.  In order to maintain the user experience they’ve crippled the OS to the point where it won’t multitask, and the first person who says that it will be hackable will get a sharp snort and a hearty laugh from me.

Seriously people?  It’s like a big, color Palm IV more than computer.  This is more like That 70’s Show than it is Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.  Same haircuts though.

And a calendar that you flip through like a book?  WTF is that?  Books are a lousy interactive interface, they were just a step up from stone tablets!

Having said all that, the iPad will be a huge hit if M$ & Co. don’t get out there and point that out.  The desperation that I’ve seen as Fanboyz try to make lemons out of lemonade is critical, and they will buy, buy, buy and attack anyone who doesn’t agree with them.  I’ve seen it, been mugged by it while minding my own business.

Honestly, I don’t dislike Apple.  I dislike the ridiculous hype that gets attached to all of their products, the assumption of superiority and innovation where none exists.

The iPad is different.  I can feel a serious frustration building in me because this thing is a weak, lame attempt at a slate computer and the thought of dealing with legions of rabid fanboyz shouting their superiority at me with no other basis than sheer volume is enough to make me want to bang my desk against my iDesk.

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