Thursday, August 27, 2009

And so the betrayal is complete

The next version of Mac OSX is about to be released, and in a fit of the typical customer disloyalty, those of you with older macs, from the time when Intel architecture was considered inferior, are out of luck.
6 Things You Need to Know About Mac OS X Snow Leopard | Gadget Lab | "Hardware Requirements: No Support for PowerPC Macs

If you own an older Mac powered by a PowerPC chip (rather than Intel), then you’re out of luck: Snow Leopard won’t run on your machine. The requirements are as follows: You must own an Intel Mac equipped with at least 1GB of memory, and the install requires at least 5GB of free hard drive space for the install. And of course, you’ll need a DVD drive to be able to read the disc and run the installation. (MacBook Air owners: We hope you have an external optical drive.)"
Personally, I think it should be distributed on a read-only USB drive for those poor Air owners. Then again, I suppose if you can pay $2000+ for your computer, you can afford an extra $99.

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