Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Government sticks it’s nose in

Apparently there’s been enough noise about Apple’s rejection of the Google Voice app that it’s gotten the attention of the FCC.  Here’s what Amazon’s Aric Annear had to say:

There's two sides to this inquiry business.  Personally, I come down on the side of this being a very good thing, though admittedly perhaps for the wrong reasons.  Specifically, the inquiry will hopefully lead to at least a little more transparency in how apps get approved or rejected.  Back when the iPhone App Store first opened, developers joked about the seemingly random approval process for getting applications into the store.  Now, as the iPhone radically gains market share and inspires developers to expend real time and sweat and financial resources in a heavily competitive environment, no one's laughing anymore. Frustrated developers (and consumers) are beginning to abandon the platform as their inquiries about rejection and request for useful feedback go completely ignored--since there's no way whatsoever to know in advance if your app is going to be accepted, expending serious development resources on the iPhone begins to look more and more like a bad bet.

I tend to disagree that this is a good thing.  The bolded section above references developers and users abandoning the platform and that’s a great example of the market at work.  Apple should be allowed to make any business decision it wants, and if that limits their growth then so be it.

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