Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What Fresh Hell?

Seriously, how can anyone say this with a straight face?
Michigan madness | Washington Examiner: "Case in point: Democratic State Chairman Mark Brewer. Ordinarily a pretty savvy political operator, Brewer is now suggesting five ballot propositions for the 2010 ballot. Their aim apparently is to improve the lot of Michigan citizens. But the result, as anyone with an iota of sense can see, would be to inflict horrifying damage on an already staggering state economy."
Read the whole thing for a list of the horrors he wants to unleash on the private sector.

This points to a complete ignorance of how economies work. What makes Brewer think there would be any businesses left after the dust from his proposal settled?

My biggest fear is that the Michigan Republican Party is so concerned with not seeming hostile to "The People" that they're likely to pass anything.

Not to detract from the point of my rant, but the MI Repubs seem to be binary in that they're either "Democrat Lite" or "Screw 'em Harder Businessmen".

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